Want to make a residence that is 100% Vastu compliant?

Do you want to design your office space as per Vastu?

Get a Vastu perfect layout for your industrial unit or factory

Buy Lumigan From Mexico Want to make a residence that is 100% Vastu compliant?

http://rastasurfboards.com.au/?cat=289 Do you want to design your office space as per Vastu?

41fe3b34b06c29340672c0d525fce520 Get a Vastu perfect layout for your industrial unit or factory 

Lumigan Australia Step 1 – Enter contact details & Make Payment


follow site Step 2 – Our team member will get in touch with you to gather required information

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http://escarlataediciones.com/producto/los-apatridas-el-asesino-de-secuencias/ Step 3 – Once required information is received, delivery of Vastu analysis report through email in 3-4 days

What you will get

http://watchwrestling.ac/page/68/?orderby=rand  100% Vastu perfect layout for your residence, office, shop or factory

http://freetibet.lt/?lang=lt Vastu compliant plan with dimension & furniture layout as per Vastu (No working drawings)

 Space energization techniques using special Pyramids

see url ⇒ Color and Plant suggestions as per Vastu shashtra

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Abhishek Upadhyay

Abhishek Upadhyay

Astrology & Vastu Consultant


  • 10+ years of experience in Vedic Astrology
  • Pyramid Vastu Expert
  • Pendulum Dowsing & Energy Healing
How it will help me?

Based on the details provided by you, our experts will design a 100% Vastu compliant layout for your home, office, shop or factory. The proposed Vastu layout will have all the details regarding directions, spaces, furniture, colors, plants and important space energization methods using Pyramids. 

go site Important Note: The proposed Vastu layout are representation drawings (not to scale) for your reference. These are not to be used in place of architectural drawings for construction.

I have specific queries regarding Vastu

If you have specific queries regarding Vastu or any other aspect of life, you may visit our ‘Ask a Question‘ section and get your problems resolved.

Are these reports Auto-generated using Softwares?

No. Based on the size of the plot and your requirements, our experts prepare a Vastu compliant design that suits all your needs along with Vastu perfect layout. We use certain softwares to make the proposed Vastu layout but that too is done manually. Once the layout is ready, we share it with you for discussion and based on the feedback/approval, we share the final Vastu perfect layout on your Email.

Is my personal information safe and confidential?
Absolutely. We do not share or reveal your personal details to any third party at any cost. You can be rest assured as it is kept 100% confidential.

Vastu Perfect Layout


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Delivery in 4-5 days 

INR 11000

(Inclusive of all taxes)

Namaskar. I’m happy to live in a Vastu perfect residence designed by oorja kendra. My health & financial condition has improved drastically after entering into this house. Thank you.

Er. Ramesh Kumar