Child Education & Career Analysis

Know your Child’s inherent potential based on their birth chart. Get scientific analysis and astrological guidance on the best education & career path for your children.

Facing Problems in Relationship?

Know the planetary reasons behind your marriage & relationship problems. Get detailed analysis and remedies of your Marriage Compatibility and Love Life .

Vastu Analysis Report with Remedies

Get a Vastu Analysis report for your Residential, Commercial & Industrial Space. Specialized in Vastu Correction & Space energization through Pyramids.

Free Gemstone Recommendation

Gemstones are like energy medicine, which should be taken through proper guidance. Get Free Gemstone recommendation based on your birth chart to avoid any adverse effects.

Astrology Services

Facing problems in Career, Relationship, Health or Finance? Talk to our experts and get Astrology consultation & guidance to resolve your problems

Career - Job vs. Business


Confused between doing enter Job or starting own business? Get clear vision about doing a Job or Business based on your Birth Chart. Know what type of work will bring success & wealth in your life. Lumigan More

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Job Change & Promotion


Are you not happy with your current Job? Know the  see best time to change your current Job & yogas for getting the  next promotion based on your birth chart and planetary movements. Bimatoprost Wimperserum More

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Foreign Settlement


Are you planning to find work & settle abroad? Know the potential yogas Lumigan Na Wlosy , right time for e91c71715c221af2909065f12f219ca7 foreign settlement & which are the favorable countries that will bring professional success for you. More

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Love vs. Arrange Marriage


Curious to know about Love marriage yoga in your birth chart? Know the possibility of Love marriage or source Arrange marriage based on your birth chart. Know about suitable timing & directions for marriage. More

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Match Making Report


Do you know that most marriages fail due to compatibility issues. Know your love & compatibility index with your future life partner. Get most scientific match making analysis for a successful marriage. More

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Marriage Related Problems


Are you facing problems in married life Or have a troubled relationship with your life partner? Know the planetary reasons behind it and remedies for your marriage related problems. More

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Get Your Personalized Horoscope (Kundali)

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Child Birth Prospects


Waiting to celebrate your motherhood? Know the potential yogas of child birth in your horoscope. Progeny promise and timing of child birth. Also, yoga for Child Adoption in your birth chart. More

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Child Education & Career


Want to know the best education and career path for your child based on the birth chart? Child Potential Assessment report tells the inherited potential of your child to perform best in education & career. More

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Financial Problems


Do you lack financial abundance? Are your expenses more than your earnings? Do you think you are unlucky in financial matters? Know the yogas for financial freedom in your birth chart. More

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Health Related Problems


Are you facing health related problems? Going through major or minor body ailments? Know your health status indicator, probable diseases & time period based on your birth chart. More

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Success in Competition


Are you preparing for Competitive exams? Know role & strength of your planets for getting success in competitions. Get your Competition Success Index based on your birth chart. More

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Lucky Gemstones for You


Want to wear your favorable gemstones? Do you know that gemstones have positive & adverse effects both. Know your life, luck & benefic gemstones for overall growth & prosperity. More


Get your Yearly Prediction Horoscope (Varshphal Kundali)

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Vastu Services

Vastu Analysis Report

Do you know that Vastu doshas effect you physically, mentally & financially? Get Vastu analysis report to know and remove Vastu dosha in your house, office, shop or factory with No demolition remedies. More

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Vastu Perfect Layout


Want to make a residence that is 100% Vastu complaint? Do you want to design your office space as per Vastu? Get a Vastu perfect layout for your commercial, industrial or factory unit. More

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Vastu Tips & Suggestions


Get important Vastu tips & suggestions for your plot, residence, office, shop or factory. Download your Free copy and regain health, wealth & prosperity in your life by following Vastu shashtra principles. More


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